Solid lubricants and friction modifiers

Absolutely dry solid stick lubricants on the basis of thermoset polymer containing molybdenum disulphide and/or graphite. These lubricants evidently ensure lower wheel and rail wear, having no comparable parallel in the industry.

Solid lubricant and friction modifiers are designed for the majority of rail vehicles (engines, railway transit machines, track mechanisms, shunting machines). These lubricants show great results especially in closed transport systems and in dusty environments.

Application by means of reliable spring applicators provide, through constant pressure, the continuous supply of a lubricant. 

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Solid lubricants and friction modifiers

Solid lubricants for rail wheel flanges (WFL)

Solid lubricants designed for lubricating wheel flanges successfully reduce the noise level and wear by adjusting the friction coefficient to under 0.15. The dimensions of the lubricant and its applicator shall be chosen according to the…

Solid lubricants for rail wheel flanges (WFL)

Solid friction modifiers for rail head crown (TOR)

The solid friction modifier is designed for the reduction of wheel running surface wear, keeping the friction coefficient between the wheel running surface and rail head crown at around 0.3. As a result, the lateral forces in the wheel/rail…

Solid friction modifiers for rail head crown (TOR)

  • Looking back on a long and very appreciated partnership, we engaged Sklenář s.r.o. for an installation of a special lubrication system for the top of rails. The manufactured parts by Sklenář s.r.o. were made of high quality and the installation work was perfect. Another good cooperation with Sklenář s.r.o.

    Günter Herzig, Managing Director IGRALUB AUSTRIA GmbH
  • "Sklenář, s. r. o., was a good choice. Although our
    requirements were rather specific, we were always satisfied
    with the result."

    Ing. Dalibor Krejsa, JSP International, s.r.o.
  • "We have been co-operating with Sklenář s. r. o., for more than 10 years, appreciating prompt service, professional handling, high quality and performance.“

    Rainer Nothhelfer SGH Schüttguthandling, Germany
  • "Great job, as always.“

    Michael Smilansky FUJI ROBOTICS, USA
  • In 2015, we started a trial operation of a system of the additional lubrication of tram wheel flanges and the rail heads, supplied by Sklenář s.r.o. The HeadLub 90 friction modifier used meets the required parameters, and its applications significantly eliminate undesirable sound pressure and reduce the wear.

    an Šurovský, Ph.D., Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (04/2016)
  • "The supply of the palletising robot satisfied our expectations. Sklenář, s. r. o., was evaluated as one of our best suppliers with an exemplary approach to solving
    our problems."

    František Peringer, Gypstrend, s.r.o.

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